VISIONS OF GERARD (Farrar, Straus, & Co., 1963) (Written 1956)
Character name: Real name:
Aunt Anna (of Maine) Emma Vaillancourt
Old Bull Baloon W.C. Fields
Rocher Bolduc ?
Aunt Pauline Bradley Claire Buckley
Bruneau ?
Carrufel ?
George Daslin George Dastou
Bob Donnelly Bob Donlin
Ange Duluoz Gabrielle Kerouac
Armenagť Duluoz Jean-Baptiste Kerouac
Aunt Clementine Duluoz Leontine Kerouac
Emil Alcide Duluoz Leo Alcide Kerouac
Gerard Duluoz Francis Gerard Kerouac
Nin Duluoz Caroline "Nin" Kerouac
Ti Jean Duluoz Jack Kerouac
Uncle Mike Duluoz Joseph Kerouac
Edgar Armand Kerouac
Pere Anselme Fournier ?
Lajoie ?
Pere Lalumiere Jean Baptiste Labossiere
Aunt Louise Marie Louise Michaud
Charley Low Charley Mew
Gaston MacDonald Gaston Campbell
Manuel Manuel Santos
Aunt Marie Marie Louise Michaud
NoŽl Raoul Harpin
Charley O'Brien ?
Ouellette Roger Ouellette
Roland Herve Kerouac
Charley/Jim Sagely ?
Savas Savakis Sebastian Sampas
Doctor Simpkins Doctor Victor Rochette

The following extracts from Visions of Gerard, although mainly identical to the
published work, contain an extra final paragraph not used when the book appeared
in 1963, including the only published mention of Jack's Aunt Caroline.
"GERARD" (Jubilee, September 1959)
Character name: Real name:
Aunt Caroline Kerouac Caroline Kerouac

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