VISIONS OF CODY (McGraw-Hill, 1973) (Written October 1951 - May 1952)
Character name: Real name:
Old Bull Balloon / Baloon W.C. Fields
Happy Bernier Happy Bertrand
Layo Bernier Leona "Layo" Bertrand
Charley Bissonnette Charles Morissette
Big Blackie Whitey
Kay Blackman Kay White
Phil Blackman Phil White
Deni Bleu Henri Cru
Boisvert Robert Giroux
Helen Buckle Helen Hinkle
Slim Buckle Al Hinkle
Biff Buferd Bob Burford
Maria Calabrese Maria Livornese
Tom Calabrese Tom Livornese
Jay Chapman Jay Landesman
Jay Chapman's "beautiful wife" Fran Landesman
Charley Charley Mew
Alfred Citee "Alfred Towne" (Holmes/Landesman)
Dick Clancy ?
J. Clancy John Kelly
Joan Clawthighs Joan Crawford
Margaret Cole Margaret Coffey
Curt Curtis Hansen
Joanna Dawson Luanne Henderson
Diane Diana Hansen
Emil Duluoz Leo Kerouac
Jack Duluoz Jack Kerouac
Michel Duluoz Joseph Kerouac
Elly Edie Parker Kerouac
Jim Evans Bob Adams
Finistra William Cannastra
Mike Fortier Michael Fournier, Jr
Dick Frankenstein ?
Jerry Fust Gerry Lust
Slim Gaillard Slim Gaillard
Irwin Garden Allen Ginsberg
Gerard Gerard Kerouac
Dizzy Gillespie Dizzy Gillespie
Harold Ginsberg Harold Goldfinger
G.J. George J. Apostolos
Ed Gray Ed White
Wardell Gray Wardell Gray
Duke Gringas Duke Chiungos
Harper William Garver
Josh Hay Joe May
Val Hayes Hal Chase
Bob Hindenburg Bob Brandenberg
Billie Holliday Billie Holiday
Big Bull Hubbard William "Big Slim" Holmes Hubbard
Bull Hubbard William S. Burroughs
June Hubbard Joan Vollmer Burroughs
Huck Herbert Huncke
Ike Dave Tercerero
Jack Jack Daly
Jackoff Jim Penoff
Stephanie James Stephanie Stewart
Joe Michael Fournier, Jr
Earl Johnson Bill Tomson
Helen Johnson Helen Tomson
Josephine Dusty Moreland
Val King Hal Chase
Normie Krall Norman Schnall
Lacoucci Zacoucci
Ed Laurier Ed Saucier
Harry Levinski Harold Goldfinger
Lionel Seymour Wyse
Lou Little Lou Little
Louise Marie Louise Michaud
Lousy Roland Salvas
Julien Love Lucien Carr
Jimmy Low (1) * Charley Mew
Jimmy Low (2) * Charlie Ellisor
Luke Paul Blake
Lulu Lulu
Paul Lyman John Holman
Mac John Fitzgerald
John Macy John Kingsland
Justin G. Mannerly Justin W. Brierly
Marie (1) * Jacky
Marie (2) * Marie
Aunt Marie [of] Lynn Marie Harpin
Bob Markan Bob Malkin
Peaches Martin Ginger Bailey
Mac/McCarthy John Fitzgerald
Marty Duby
May Mae Daly Herzog
Jody Mifflin Rae Everitt
Allen Minko Allan Temko
Monette Simeon Vendette
Brew Moore "Brew" Moore
Irv Morgan ?
Nardine Mardean Butler
Nin Caroline "Nin" Kerouac Blake
Nory Jeanne Nield
Charlie Parker Charlie Parker
John Parkman John Hoffmann
Paul Paul Blake
Matthew Peters Peter Murray
Cody Pomeray Neal Cassady
Cody Pomeray, Sr Neal Cassady, Sr
Diana Pomeray Diana Hansen
Emily Pomeray Cathy Cassady
Evelyn Pomeray Carolyn Cassady
Gaby Pomeray Jami Cassady
Timmy Pomeray John Allen Cassady
Pratman Gershon Legman
A.A. Quinn A.A. Wyn
Mrs. Quinn Rose V. Quinn
Rachel ?
Jimmy Ransome ?
Carl Rappaport Carl Solomon
Joan Rawshanks Joan Crawford
Danny Richman Jerry Newman
Skippy Al Robert Vic Alberts
Rose ?
Carl Sandburg Carl Sandburg
Sebastian Sebastian Sampas
George Shearing George Shearing
Dave Sherman Frank Jeffries
Stanfield Dick Wakefield
Freddy Strange Freddy Strong
Dave Stroheim David Kammerer
Irwin Swenson Alan Ansen
Janie Thaw ?
Buddy Van Buder Peter van Meter
Vicki Vickie Russell
Victor (1) Victor [?]
Victor (2) Gregorio
Bev Watson Elizabeth Holmes
John Watson John Clellon Holmes
Tom Watson Jim Holmes
Cecily Wayne Celine Young
Ed Wehle Ed Uhl
Ed Williams Ed Roberts
Willie William Burroughs, Jr.
Wilson John Clellon Holmes
Marian Wilson Marian Holmes
Henry Wunderdahl Henry Funderburk
Wyndham Ed Stringham (?)
Lester Young Lester Young
Little Zagg Little Jack Melody
Ben Boncoeur [ Characters
Roger Boncoeur in earlier,
Dorie Jordan unpublished
Rod Moultrie versions of
Ray Smith On the Road ]
* There are several examples of erroneous or multiple use of pseudonyms in Visions of Cody.
The name Jimmy Low is used for two different people: one a country store-owner neighbour of
William Burroughs in Louisiana (pp.120-21); the other a seaman friend of Neal and Jack in
San Francisco (pp.107,130-31,146-51,157-70), also called by his real name, Charley (p.331).
Marie is also used twice (apart from Kerouac's Aunt Marie): one a teenage friend of Neal's
in Denver; the other an African-American prostitute in San Francisco. Two different pseudonyms
are used for Hal Chase (Val Hayes and Val King), as well as for John Clellon Holmes (Watson
and Wilson).
The following excerpts from Visions of Cody appeared, with some character name differences
(as noted below), before the complete publication of the book:

"NEAL AND THE THREE STOOGES" (in New Editions 2, 1957)
Character name: Real name:
Joan Crawford Joan Crawford
Neal Pomeray Neal Cassady

Character name: Real name:
Jacky Jacky
Manley G. Mannerly Justin W. Brierly
Zacoucci Zacoucci

"BEFORE THE ROAD" (in Playboy, December 1959)
Character name: Real name:
Denver D. Doll Justin W. Brierly
Ed Dunkel Al Hinkle
Bob Evans Bob Adams
Roy Johnson Bill Tomson
Damion Love Lucien Carr
Dean Moriarty Neal Cassady
Ray Rawlins Bob Burford
Tom Snark Jim Holmes
Zaza Gaga ??
"BEFORE THE ROAD" (in The New Writing in the USA, 1967)
Character name: Real name:
Manley G. Mannerly Justin W. Brierly

"THREE EXCERPTS FROM VISIONS OF CODY" (in The Beats, ed. Seymour Krim, 1960)
Character name: Real name:
Jacky Jacky

"MANHATTAN SKETCHES" (in The Moderns, ed. Leroi Jones, 1963)
Character name: Real name:
Emil Leo Kerouac
Jimmy Charles Morissette
Roy Cohn "Irwin Garden" (VC)
Ingrid Bergman "Nardine" (VC)

"FIRST NIGHT OF THE TAPES" (in Transatlantic Review, Winter 1969/70)
Character name: Real name:
Allen Allen Ginsberg
Bill William S. Burroughs
Charley Elisor Charlie Ellisor
Hunkey Herbert Huncke
Joan Joan Burroughs
Neal Neal Cassady

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