THE HORN by John Clellon Holmes (Random House, 1958)
In this novel, Holmes based some of the main characters on a combination
of both musical and literary figures.
Character name: Real name:
Walden Blue Wardell Gray / Henry David Thoreau
"Car-driver" ("who had it been?") Neal Cassady (?)
Cleo ?
Kelcey Crane Stephen Crane
"Dark-haired friend" Jack Kerouac
Geordie Dickson Billie Holiday / Emily Dickinson
Curny Finnley Dizzy Gillespie / Mark Twain
Billy James Henry William James / Henry James
Metro Myland Willis Jackson / Walt Whitman
Willy Owls William Dean Howells
Paul John Clellon Holmes
Edgar Pool Lester Young - Charlie Parker / Edgar A.Poe
Junius Priest Thelonious Monk / Nathaniel Hawthorne
Eddie Winfield "Wing" Redburn Charlie Parker / Herman Melville

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