ON THE ROAD (Viking, 1957) (Written 1951-1954)
Character name: Real name:
Aunt Gabrielle Kerouac
Mary Bettencourt Helen Gullion
Rita Bettencourt Ruth Gullion
Remi Boncoeur Henri Cru
Sam Brady Jack Daly
Ernest Burke Henry Funderburk
Camille Carolyn Cassady
Charity Austice
Dale Kells Elvins
Damion Lucien Carr
Gene Dexter Gene Pippin
Dodie Julie Adams
Denver D. Doll Justin W. Brierly
Dorie Vickie Russell
Ed Dunkel Al Hinkle
Galatea Dunkel Helen Hinkle
Walter Evans Walter Adams
"the famous director" Gregory La Cava
Ed Fournier Ed Saucier
Frankie Adeline "Johnny" Johnson
Slim Gaillard Slim Gaillard
Angel Luz Garcia Jose Garcia Villa
Dizzy Gillespie Dizzy Gillespie
Betty Gray Jeanie White
Tim Gray Ed White
Wardell Gray Wardell Gray
Rollo Greb Alan Ansen
Elmer Hassel Herbert Huncke
William "Big Slim" Holmes Hazard William "Big Slim" Holmes Hubbard
Hal Hingham Alan Harrington
Billie Holiday Billie Holiday
Billy Holliday Billie Holiday
"the hornman" Connie Jordan
Inez Diana Hansen
Willie Jackson Willis Jackson
Janet Nancy Johnson
Jimmy Bill Johnson
Dorothy Johnson Helen Tomson
Roy Johnson Bill Tomson
Jinny Jones Jinny Baker Lehrman
Connie Jordan Connie Jordan
Chad King Hal Chase
Laura Joan Haverty Kerouac
Jane Lee Joan Burroughs
Old Bull Lee William S. Burroughs
Lee Ann Dianne Orin
Lucille Pauline
Lucy Sally Johnson
Ian MacArthur John Clellon Holmes
Roland Major Allan Temko
Marie Julie
Marylou Luanne Henderson
Carlo Marx Allen Ginsberg
Mona Rhoda Block
Thelonius Monk Thelonious Monk
Amy Moriarty Cathy Cassady
Dean Moriarty Neal Cassady
Joanie Moriarty Jami Cassady
Old Dean Moriarty Neal Cassady, Sr
Salvatore "Sal" Paradise Jean-Louis "Jack" Kerouac
Charlie Parker Charlie Parker
Peaches Ginger Bailey
Babe Rawlins Beverly Burford
Ray Rawlins Bob Burford
Ray William Burroughs, Jr.
Rocco Paul Blake
Tom Saybrook Ed Stringham
George Shearing George Shearing
Stan Shephard Frank Jeffries
Tom Snark Jim Holmes
"the tenorman" Freddy Strong
Terry (Teresa) Bea Franco
Victor Gregorio
Victor Villanueva Victorino Tejera
Ed Wall Ed Uhl
Lester Young Lester Young

The following excerpts from On the Road appeared, with some character name
differences (as noted below), before the publication of the book:

"JAZZ OF THE BEAT GENERATION" (in New World Writing, 7, April 1955)

(Published under the pseudonym Jean-Louis, it combined sections from both
 On the Road and Visions of Cody.)
Character name: Real name:
Alice Julie
Dean Neal Cassady
Freddy Freddy Strong
Galatea Helen Hinkle
Jim Jim Holmes
Carlo Marx Allen Ginsberg
Ronnie Morgan Connie Jordan

"THE MEXICAN GIRL" (in The Paris Review, 11, Winter 1955)
Character name: Real name:
Carmen Diana Hansen
Dorie Vickie Russell
Eleanor Carolyn Cassady
Freddy "Rickey" (OR)
Ruth Glenarm Ruth Gullion
Hunckey Herbert Huncke
Margarina "Margarina" (OR)
Marylou Luanne Henderson
Sal Paradise Jack Kerouac
Peaches Ginger Bailey
Ponzo "Ponzo" (OR)
Raymond "Johnny" (OR)
Terry (Teresa) Bea Franco
Vi Jean White

"A BILLOWY TRIP IN THE WORLD" (New Directions, 16, July 1957) was an extract
from On the Road, dealing with the trip to Mexico and using the same
character and place pseudonyms as the published book.

ON THE ROAD: THE ORIGINAL SCROLL (T1) (Viking, 2007) (Written April 2 - April 22, 1951)
A transcription of the original scroll version, written in three weeks,
April 1951, was published on the 50th anniversary of the original edition,
in September 2007. Original character and place names were used throughout,
with no pseudonyms employed, apart from:
Character name: Real name:
Alistair Charlie Ellisor

ON THE ROAD: THE SECOND TYPESCRIPT (T2) (295 pages, written April 22 - May 22, 1951)
A conventional typescript prepared from the scroll version, with changes.
Some sections published in Beatific Soul by Isaac Gewirtz, 2007.
This typescript used the following pseudonyms for the character names:
Character name: Real name:
Remi Boncoeur Henri Cru
Ed Buckle Al Hinkle
Beattie G. Davies Justin W. Brierley
Doris Edie Parker Kerouac
Tim Gray Ed White
Elmo Hassel Herbert Huncke
Roy Johnson Bill Tomson
Chad King Hal Chase
Leanne Dianne Orin
Jane Lee Joan Burroughs
Old Bull Lee William S. Burroughs
Roland Major Allan Temko
Marylou Luanne Henderson
Justin Moriarty Allen Ginsberg
Sal Paradise Jack Kerouac
Dean Pomeray Neal Cassady
Luciana Ricci Patricia Lague
Tommy Snark Jim Holmes
Al Wehle Ed Uhl

ON THE ROAD: THE THIRD TYPESCRIPT (T3) (347 pages, written November 1954)
A conventional typescript prepared from T1 and T2.
Some sections published in Beatific Soul by Isaac Gewirtz, 2007.
The pseudonyms used in this typescript are the same as in the published version of 1957.
With some revisions, made in late 1956, this became the publisher's setting copy of the book.

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