DOCTOR SAX (Grove, 1959) (Written 1948-1952)
Character name: Real name:
Sonny Alberge Skippy Roberge
Billy Artaud Bob Rondeau
Old Bull Balloon W.C. Fields
Amadeus Baroque Alan Ansen
Charlotte (Charlie) Bergerac Layo Bertrand
Lou Bergerac Ray Bertrand
Lucky Bergerac Happy Bertrand
Normie Bergerac Mickey Bertrand
Rita Bergerac Agnes Bertrand
Vinny Bergerac Freddy Bertrand
Iddiboy Bissonnette Robert Morissette
Blezan Emma Blazon
Paul (Scotty) Boldieu Henry Beaulieu
Boongo Jusseaume
George Bouen George Drouin
Bourgeois Lucien Brunelle
Roger Carrufel Emile Carufel
Delorge Alphonse Noel
Al Desjardins Paul E. Desilets
Bert Desjardins Philip A. Desilets
Destouches Joseph Desjardins
LaPoule DuPuis Francis X. Gauthier
Aunt Dudley Claire Buckley
Angy Duluoz Gabrielle Kerouac
Aunt Clementine Duluoz Leontine Kerouac
Blanche Duluoz Beatrice Kerouac
Edgar Duluoz Armand Kerouac
Emil Duluoz Leo Kerouac
Gerard Duluoz Gerard Kerouac
Jack Duluoz Jack Kerouac
Nin Duluoz Caroline "Nin" Kerouac
Roland Duluoz Herve Kerouac
Uncle Mike Duluoz Joseph Kerouac
Viola Duluoz Viola Kerouac
Duquette Vendette
Flooflap (Mrs.) Marie Laflamme
Adelaide Fortier Madeline Fournier
Henry Fortier Paul Fournier
Joe Fortier Michael Fournier, Jr
Old Joe Fortier Michael Fournier, Sr
Philip (Snorro) Fortier Robert Fournier
Jean Fourchette Jean Paquette
Uncle John Giradoux Uncle [?]
Giroux Gosselin
Bruno Gringas Duke Chiungos
Dicky Hampshire Billy Chandler
Bull Hubbard William S. Burroughs
Kelly (Farmer) Joseph Kenney
Cy Ladeau Ti Nadeau
Emil Ladeau Leo Nadeau
Lajoie Ernest Lagasse
Albert "Lousy" Lauzon Roland Salvas
Lavoisier ?
Chin Lee Chin Yu
Tommy Lockstock Thomas Comstock
Ernie Malo Louis Eno
Aunt Marie Marie Louise Michaud
Marquand Marchand
Leo Martin Vic Sawyer
Mogaragga (Mrs.) Irene McDonagh
Cousin NoŽl (of Lynn) Raoul Harpin
Rose Paquette Rose Fortier
Beef Paquin Biof Paquette
Robert Paquin Maurice Paquette
Eugene Pasternak John Clellon Holmes
Gene Plouffe Pete Houde
Joe Plouffe Mike Houde
Zap Plouffe Ninip Houde
G.J. (Gus) Rigopoulos George J. Apostolos
Al Roberts Vic Alberts
Roger (drowned boy) Alphee Morin
Carl Sandburg Carl Sandburg
Sebastian Sebastian Sampas (?)
Shammy Charles "Shabby" Charbonneau
Dr. Simpson Dr. Victor Rochette
Luxy Smith Andrew J. Smith
Paddy Sorenson Eddy Sorensen
St. Louis St. Jean
Henry Troisieux Vigneault
Zaza Vauriselle Omer
Mrs. Wakefield Miss Mansfield
Rusty Yarvell Rusty Yarnall
Mr. Yipe ?
Zagg Jack Kerouac

(Thanks to Kurt Phaneuf for some of the identifications.)

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