THE DHARMA BUMS (Viking, 1958) (Written 1957)
Character name: Real name:
Altman John Hoffmann
Rosie Buchanan Natalie Jackson
Burnie Byers Blackie Burns
Rheinhold Cacoethes Kenneth Rexroth
Cody Neal Cassady
Warren Coughlin Philip Whalen
Henri Cru Henri Cru
Francis DaPavia Philip Lamantia
Marshall Dashiell Randall Jarrell
Bud Diefendorf Claude Dalenberg
O.O. Dowler W.H. Auden
Manuel Drubbing Lionel Trilling
Gary (real name used in error) Gary Snyder
George Peter Orlovsky
Alvah Goldbook Allen Ginsberg
Happy Andy Wilcox
Jaimy Raimy
Ariadne Jones Marianne Moore
Whitey Jones John Lingard White
Jack Joseph ?
Al Lark ?
Little Lou Paul Blake, Jr
Albert Law Livingston Robert Penn Warren
Leontine McGee Louise Bogan
Daisy Mae Betty Bock
Joe Mahoney Bob Donlin
Christine Monahan Valery McCorkle
Sean Monahan Locke McCorkle
Henry Morley John Montgomery
Doctor Musial William Carlos Williams
Ike O'Shay Michael McClure
Charlie Parker Charlie Parker
Little Prajna Sita McCorkle
Princess Jinny Baker Lehrman
Psyche Marilyn Arnold ("Neuri")
Japhy Ryder Gary Snyder
Rhoda Ryder Thea Snyder
Dee Sampson Jay Laughlin
Tough Shit Short T.S. Eliot
Ray Smith Jack Kerouac
Rol Sturlason Will Petersen
Omar Tott Allen Tate
Wally Marty Gohlke
Arthur Whane Alan Watts
Polly Whitmore Nancy C[?]

MEDITATION IN THE WOODS (in Chicago Review, Summer 1958)

This extract from The Dharma Bums, published several months
before the book, and hence probably from an earlier version,
indicates considerable editing and re-ordering of the final
text. The following name differences are seen:
Character name: Real name:
Allen Allen Ginsberg
Kerouac Jack Kerouac
Natalie Natalie Jackson
Little Paul Paul Blake, Jr
Gary Snyder Gary Snyder
Philip Whalen Philip Whalen

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