Jack & Neal on Record

Compiled by Dave Moore & Horst Spandler



A complete (?) list of recordings which relate to Jack Kerouac and/or Neal Cassady.

The qualification for inclusion is that the item must either refer directly to Jack or Neal, or quote from their work.



Dizzy Gillespie Kerouac [improvisation on Exactly Like You, named in 1953] 1941 J The Harlem Jazz Scene -1941
Allen Ginsberg The Green Automobile 1954 N Holy Soul Jelly Roll
Allen Ginsberg Howl (for Carl Solomon) 1956 N Holy Soul Jelly Roll
Allen Ginsberg Sunflower Sutra 1956 J Holy Soul Jelly Roll
Ella Fitzgerald Like Young 1959 J Get Happy
"The Nervous Set" cast Fun Life 1959 J The Nervous Set
Lenny Bruce, Steve Allen All Alone 1959 J Swear to Tell the Truth (movie soundtrack)
André Previn The Subterraneans  (movie soundtrack music) 1960 J The Subterraneans
André Previn Like Blue / Blue Subterranean (from Subterraneans movie) 1960 J Like Blue
Linda Lawson Like Young 1960 J Introducing Linda Lawson
Don Morrow Kerouazy 1961 J Grimm's Hip Fairy Tales
Perry Como Like Young 1961 J For the Young at Heart
Charles Laughton The Dharma Bums (extract) 1962 J The Story-Teller
The Barrow Poets Mexico City Blues (104th Chorus) 1963 J An Entertainment of Poetry & Music
Paul Simon A Simple Desultory Philippic 1965 J The Paul Simon Song Book
David Amram Summer in the West (from Lonesome Traveller) 1965 J A Year in Our Land
Bob Dylan Desolation Row 1965 J Highway 61 Revisited
Bob Dylan Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues 1965 J Highway 61 Revisited
The Zipps Kicks And Chicks 1966 J Kicks And Chicks: Ever Stoned
Eric von Schmidt Lolita 1967 J Take a Trip with Me
Paul Jones Tarzan, etc... 1967 J Love Me, Love My Friends
Joki Freund Quintett & Harald Leipnitz Mordsspektakel 1967 J Amerika (Europa?) – Ich Rede Dich An!
Joki Freund Quintett & Harald Leipnitz Charlie Parker – 240th Chorus 1967 J Amerika (Europa?) – Ich Rede Dich An!
Grateful Dead That's It for the Other One 1968 N Anthem of the Sun
Four Jacks And A Jill Master Jack 1968 J Jukebox Hits Of 1968 Vol.2
David Amram, Lynn Sheffield Pull My Daisy 1971 J No More Walls
Allen Ginsberg On Neal's Ashes 1971 N Holy Soul Jelly Roll
Michel Corringe Kerouac Jack 1971 J En Public
Bob Weir Cassidy 1972 N Ace
Aztec Two-Step The Persecution & Restoration of Dean Moriarty 1972 J&N Aztec Two-Step
David Amram East and West 1973 J Subway Night
David Amram The Fabulous Fifties 1973 J Subway Night
Gary Farr Breakfast Boo-Ga-Loo 1973 J Addressed to the Censors of Love
Road Come Back Jack Kerouac 1973 J Road
Mott the Hoople The Wheel of the Quivering Meat Conception 1974 J Brain Capers
Donovan Age Of Treason 1974 J 7-Tease
Ramblin' Jack Elliott 912 Greens 1974 J Live In Utah
Willie Alexander Kerouac 1975 J Willie Loco Boom Boom Ga Ga
Doobie Brothers Neal's Fandango 1975 N Stampede
Al Stewart Modern Times 1975 J Modern Times
Jethro Tull From a Dead Beat to an Old Greaser 1976 J Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll
David Amram Pull My Daisy (live) 1976 J Summer Nights, Winter Rain
Willie Alexander Kerouac 1976 J Live at The Rat
Tom Waits Jack & Neal 1977 J&N Foreign Affairs
Willie Alexander Kerouac 1978 J Willie Alexander & Boom-Boom Band
Sylvain Lelièvre Kérouac 1978 J Sylvain Lelièvre
Pataphonie Kerouac (instrumental) 1978 J Le Matin Blanc
The Cooper Brothers Old Angel Midnight 1978 J The Dream Never Dies
Jack Nitzsche Heart Beat (movie soundtrack music) 1979 J&N Heart Beat
Ramblin' Jack Elliott 912 Greens 1980 J Kerouac's Last Dream
Dexy's Midnight Runners There, There, My Dear 1980 J Searching for the Young Soul Rebels
Allen Ginsberg The Shrouded Stranger 1980 J In Wuppertal: Poems & Songs
Allen Ginsberg Pull My Daisy 1980 J&N In Wuppertal: Poems & Songs
Allen Ginsberg Prayer Blues: For John Lennon 1980 J In Wuppertal: Poems & Songs
Allen Ginsberg Howl (incl. Footnote to Howl) 1980 J&N In Wuppertal: Poems & Songs
Grateful Dead Cassidy 1981 N Reckoning
Godley & Creme Snack Attack 1981 J Ismism
Mark Murphy Parker's Mood (including Subterraneans extract) 1981 J Bop for Kerouac
Mark Murphy Ballad of the Sad Young Men (including On the Road extract) 1981 J&N Bop for Kerouac
Bauhaus Kick In The Eye 1981 J Mask
Emil Mangelsdorff Quartett Blues for Allen (i.e. Allen Ginsberg's 'Footnote to Howl') 1981 J&N Das Geheul
Emil Mangelsdorff Quartett Rosengärten (excerpt from Ginsberg's 'Howl') 1981 N Das Geheul
Van Morrison Cleaning Windows 1982 J Beautiful Vision
David Amram This Song's for You, Jack 1982 J This Song for Jack (movie soundtrack)
King Crimson Neal and Jack and Me 1982 J&N Beat
Wah! The Story of the Blues - Part 2 1982 J The Way We Wah!
Blue Oyster Cult Burnin' for You 1982 J E.T.I.
Charlélie Couture La Route (Oui Mais Kérouac est Mort) 1982 J Quoi Faire
David J. With the Indians Permanent 1983 J&N Etiquette of Violence
Graham Parker Sounds Like Chains 1983 J The Real Macaw
Steve Tilston B Movie 1983 J In for a Penny ... In for a Pound
Gang 90 & Absurdetes Jack Kerouac 1983 J Gang 90 & Absurdetes
The Smiths Pretty Girls Make Graves 1984 J The Smiths
The Icicle Works When It All Comes Down 1985 J Seven Singles Deep
The Long Ryders Southside of the Story 1985 J&N Looking for Lewis & Clark (10" single)
Van Morrison Cleaning Windows 1985 J Live at Grand Opera House Belfast
Bob Dylan Something's Burning, Baby 1985 J Empire Burlesque
King Crimson Neal and Jack and Me (live) 1985 J&N The Noise-Frejus 82
It's Immaterial Driving Away from Home (Dead Man's Curve mix) 1986 J Ed's Funky Diner (12" single)
Minor Characters 1972 1986 J Minor Characters (7" ep)
Andy Summers Search for Kerouac (instrumental) 1986 J Down and Out in Beverly Hills
David Carradine reading from On the Road 1986 J&N On the Road (double cassette)
East Buffalo Media Association Sea (from Big Sur) 1986 J Sea
East Buffalo Media Association Mantra for Kerouac 1986 J Sea
Jesse Garon & the Desperadoes The Rain Fell Down 1986 J A Cabinet of Curiosities
Mojo Nixon Feeling Existential 1986 J Frenzy
The Go-Betweens The House That Jack Kerouac Built 1987 J Tallulah
Marillion Torch Song 1987 J Clutching at Straws
10,000 Maniacs Hey Jack Kerouac 1987 J In My Tribe
The Panic Brothers Bivouac 1987 J In the Red
Dharma Bums Everything Is Always All Right 1987 J Everything Is Always All Right
Hobo Üvöltés (Howl) – Carl Solomonért – részletek (Hungarian) 1987 N Üvöltés
Pierre Flynn Sur la Route 1987 J Le Parfum du Hasard
Richard Séguin L'Ange Vagabond 1988 J Journée d'Amerique
Beatnik Beatch Beatnik Beatch 1988 J Beatnik Beatch
David Amram Pull My Daisy 1988 J Pull My Daisy & Other Jazz Classics
Crash Harmony (Mexico) Jack Kerouac Is Dead 1988 J (Wesleyan University radio tape)
Nirvana Beans 1988 J With The Lights Out
Roger Manning Pearly Blues 1989 J Roger Manning
Billy Joel We Didn't Start the Fire 1989 J Storm Front
Eric Andersen Ghosts Upon the Road 1989 J&N Ghosts Upon the Road
The Washington Squares Neal Cassady 1989 J&N Fair and Square
Mark Murphy San Francisco (including Big Sur extract) 1989 J&N Kerouac Then and Now
Mark Murphy November in the Snow (including On the Road extract) 1989 J&N Kerouac Then and Now
Ramblin' Jack Elliott 912 Greens 1989 J Legends of Folk
Jackson Sloane Jack Kerouac Said 1989 J Old Angel Midnight
The Beastie Boys 3-Minute Rule 1989 J Paul's Boutique
Mike Heron Mexican Girl 1989 J The Glen Row Tapes
Robert Kraft The Beat Generation 1989 J&N Quake City
Steve Earle The Other Kind 1990 J The Hard Way
Everything But The Girl Me and Bobby D 1990 J The Language of Life
Adam Ant Anger Inc. 1990 J Manners and Physique
R.B. [Morris] and the Irregulars Spy in My Brain 1990 J&N Local Man
Les David Vincent Kerouac Way 1990 J Ourouni
Tynal Tywyll Jack Kerouac (in Welsh) 1990 J Jack Kerouac / Boomerang (single)
Elliott Murphy Ballad of Sal Paradise 1990 J&N Affairs, etc.
Van Morrison On Hyndford Street 1991 J Hymns to the Silence
Pete Wylie and Wah! Don't Lose Your Dreams 1991 J Infamy
Allen Ginsberg reading from The Dharma Bums 1991 J The Dharma Bums (double cassette)
A House Endless Art 1991 J I Am the Greatest
John Gorka The Ballad of Jamie Bee 1991 J Jack's Crows
Suzanne Vega Cassidy 1991 N Deadicated: Tribute to Grateful Dead
R.E.M. Kerouac No.4 1991 J Outtakes of Time (bootleg)
Mingus Dynasty Harlene 1991 J Next Generation Performs Mingus
Terry Riley Mexico City Blues Suite: 224th, 204th & 216th-B Choruses 1991 J June Buddhas
Frisco Jenny La Balada de Dean Moriarty 1991 N El Dolor del Escorpion
Tom Parker reading The Dharma Bums (unabridged) 1992 J&N The Dharma Bums (5 cassettes or 6 CDs)
Jerry Jeff Walker The Man He Used to Be 1992 J Hill Country Rain
Sweet Lizard Illtet Mutiny Zoo 1992 J Sweet Lizard Illtet
STS Unterwegs 1992 J Auf Tour
Everything But The Girl Me and Bobby D 1992 J Acoustic
Jasmine Love Bomb An Announcement 1992 J Fun With Mushrooms
Loudon Wainwright III Road Ode 1993 J Career Moves
Jawbreaker Boxcar 1993 J 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
Jawbreaker Condition Oakland (outro: JK w. Steve Allen) 1993 J 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
United Future Organization Poetry and All That Jazz 1993 J United Future Organization
Naked Soul You, Me & Jack Kerouac 1993 J Visiting Your Planet
Barrence Whitfield with Tom Russell Cleaning Windows  1993 J Hillbilly Voodoo
10,000 Maniacs Hey Jack Kerouac (live) 1993 J MTV Unplugged
"Ranger Will" Hodgson Smokin' Charlie's Saxophone 1993 J&N (unissued studio recording)
Colin Vearncombe Call of the Narc 1993 J Don't Take the Silence Too Hard (CD single)
Dashboard Saviors Sal Paradise 1993 J Spinnin On Down
Dave Graney ‘n’ The Coral Snakes Maggie Cassidy 1993 J Night of the Wolverine
Michael Smith Ballad of Elizabeth Dark 1993 J Time
Allen Ginsberg & Philip Glass Song #11 from The Green Automobile 1993 N Hydrogen Jukebox
Looking For Adam Sal Paradise 1993 J Bombshell Marie
The Zimmermans Love Saxophone 1994 J Cut
Peter Droge Straylin Street 1994 J Necktie Second
Weezer Holiday 1994 J Weezer
Bad Religion Stranger Than Fiction 1994 J Stranger Than Fiction
Hersch Silverman The Jack Kerouac Blues 1994 J Channel Nine with Hersch Silverman
Divine Comedy The Booklovers 1994 J Promenade
Lee Ranaldo Spring 1994 J Envisioning
Matthew Good Euphony 1994 J Euphony
Medeski Martin & Wood Friday Afternoon In The Universe 1994 J Friday Afternoon In The Universe
Tom Parker reading On the Road (unabridged) 1995 J&N On the Road (7 cassettes or 9 CDs)
Loudon Wainwright III Cobwebs 1995 J Grown Man
Dmitri Matheny The Myth of the Rainy Night 1995 J Red Reflections
Terrell Toystore 1995 J&N Angry Southern Gentleman
Graham Parker with David Amram reading from The Town and the City 1995 J A Kerouac ROMnibus
Graham Parker with David Amram reading from Visions of Cody 1995 J&N A Kerouac ROMnibus
Graham Parker with David Amram reading from The Subterraneans 1995 J A Kerouac ROMnibus
Michael McClure reading from Mexico City Blues 1995 J A Kerouac ROMnibus
Ann Charters reading from Mexico City Blues 1995 J A Kerouac ROMnibus
Daniel Lavoie Nantucket 1995 J Ici
Eric Taylor Dean Moriarty 1995 J&N Eric Taylor
Jon Hassell Sulla Strada 1995 J I Magazzini
Reg E. Gaines Ode to Jack Kerouac 1995 J Sweeper Don’t Clean My Street
Fatboy Slim Neal Cassady Starts Here [with voice of Ken Babbs] 1995 N Santa Cruz (12" single)
Tony Imbo Streaking The Days Asunder 1995 J Reinventing Man - Outtakes
Daniel Amos The Glory Road 1995 J Songs Of The Heart
Cracker Big Dipper 1996 J The Golden Age
Graham Parker with David Amram reading from Visions of Cody 1996 J&N Visions of Cody (double cassette)
Allen Ginsberg reading Mexico City Blues 1996 J Mexico City Blues (double cassette)
Holy Barbarians Bodhisattva 1996 J Cream
David Byrne It Goes Back (from Origins of Beat Generation) 1996 J Off Beat: A Red Hot Sound Trip
Mike Heron Mexican Girl 1996 J Where the Mystics Swim
Aztec Two-Step The Persecution & Restoration of Dean Moriarty 1996 J&N Highway Signs: 25th Anniversary Concert
Fun Lovin' Criminals Come Find Yourself 1996 J Come Find Yourself
The Gathering Field Lost In America 1996 J Lost In America
The Gathering Field Are You an Angel? 1996 J Lost In America
The Gathering Field Midnight Ghost 1996 J Lost In America
I Mother Earth Hello Dave 1996 J Scenery & Fish
BR5-49 Bettie, Bettie 1996 J&N Live From Robert's (ep)
Mike Plume Band various 1996 J Jump Back Kerouac
Major Nelson Living Like Kerouac 1996 J Big Stir
The Bloodhound Gang Asleep At The Wheel 1996 J One Fierce Beer Coaster
Carolyn Cassady reading from Off The Road 1996 J&N Women of the Beat Generation (4 cassettes)
Ruth Weiss reading from Nobody’s Wife ( by Joan Haverty) 1996 J Women of the Beat Generation (4 cassettes)
Joyce Johnson reading from Minor Characters 1996 J Women of the Beat Generation (4 cassettes)
Mary Norbert Körte reading from Trainsong (by Jan Kerouac) 1996 J Women of the Beat Generation (4 cassettes)
Anne Waldman I Am The Guard! 1996 J Women of the Beat Generation (4 cassettes)
Zachary Richard Massachusetts 1996 J Coeur Fidèle
Steve Shapiro Sal's Paradise 1996 J Vibe Out
Holy Barbarians It Ain't Over Yet (For Jack Kerouac) 1997 J Beat.itude, A New Jazz Beat
Morphine Kerouac 1997 J B-Sides & Otherwise
various artists various readings from Kerouac's work 1997 J Kerouac - Kicks Joy Darkness
Graham Parker with David Amram reading from Kerouac's unpublished journals 1949-50 1997 J Kerouac - Kicks Joy Darkness (Japanese edition)
Matt Dillon The Thrashing Doves 1997 J Kerouac - Kicks Joy Darkness (Japanese edition)
Lydia Lunch How to Meditate + Mexican Loneliness 1997 J Kerouac - Kicks Joy Darkness (Japanese edition)
Belle and Sebastian Le Pastie de la Burgeoisie 1997 J 3.. 6.. 9 Seconds of Light
Subincision Kerouac 1997 J&N Subincision
Silent Bear Kerouac's Child 1997 J River Drum Child
Patti Smith Spell (i.e. "Footnote to Howl" by Allen Ginsberg) 1997 J&N Peace and Noise
Bob Martin The Old Worthen 1997 J The River Turns the Wheel
Bob Martin Stella Kerouac 1997 J The River Turns the Wheel
RatDog Cassidy 1997 N Furthur More
Umka Kerouac (Treplo) 1997 J Dozhili, Mama
various artists The Last Time I Committed Suicide (soundtrack music & talk) 1997 N The Last Time I Committed Suicide
X Generation Sal's Paradise 1997 J Kerouac's Legacy
X Generation Nebraskan Dawn (Dedicated to Cody) 1997 N Kerouac's Legacy
Beat Hotel Beathotel 1997 J Beathotel
DJs Wally & Swingsett Smoking Up The Music 1997 J Dog Leg Left
Conrad Jack Kerouac 1997 J Conrad
The Dinner Is Ruined I Ain’t No Neal Cassidy 1997 N Elevator Music for Non-Claustrophobic People
The Lord High Fixers Sal Paradise Delegation 1997 J Group Improvisation That’s Music
Headswim Old Angel Midnight 1997 J Despite Yourself
Olesen-Olesen Jack Kerouac I Jylland 1997 J Indenlands Udenbys
Sportfreunde Stiller On the Road - Unterwegs 1998 J&N Thonträger
Dr. John John Gris 1998 J (?) Anutha Zone
Umka Kerouac (Treplo) (live) 1998 J Live in Fakel
Mike Heron & Robin Williamson Mexican Girl 1998 J Bloomsbury 1997
Jim Dunleavy Lonesome Travelers 1998 J Steady Rollin'
David Amram This Song's for You, Jack 1998 J (Rebels - documentary soundtrack)
Tom Parker reading Big Sur (unabridged) 1998 J&N Big Sur (4 cassettes or 5 CDs)
Jeremy Gloff Kerouac’s Dead 1998 J Jeremy Gloff, 1998, Vol.9
Beekler Dean Moriarty 1998 N In Layman’s Terms
Richard Bicknell Dean Moriarty 1998 N Mayflower
Ron Whitehead The Other 1998 J Tapping My Own Phone
Ron Whitehead San Francisco, May 1993 1998 J Tapping My Own Phone
Ron Whitehead Asheville 1998 N Tapping My Own Phone
Five Iron Frenzy Superpowers 1998 J Our Newest Album Ever
The David Nelson Band Kerouac 1999 J&N Visions Under the Moon
Tom Waits with Primus On the Road 1999 J Jack Kerouac reads On the Road
Guy Clark Cold Dog Soup 1999 J Cold Dog Soup
R.B. Morris Distillery 1999 J Zeke and the Wheel
Hot Sauce Johnson Jack Kerouac 1999 J Truck Stop Jug Hop
Richard Thompson Sibella 1999 J Mock Tudor
Patti Smith Spell (live) 1999 J&N Gung Ho Giveaway
Robert Briggs Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jack Kerouac, Gary Snyder, Allen Ginsberg 1999 J Poetry & the 1950s: Homage to the Beat Generation
Michael Johnathon Kerouac Alley 1999 J The Road
Christian Brückner Beat-Glückselig (from Origins of Beat Generation) 1999 J&N Brückner Beat
Mary Gauthier Drag Queens In Limousines 1999 J Drag Queens In Limousines
Helen Shapiro 32nd Chorus from Orlando Blues 1999 J Jazz Poetry
Ian Dury Skid Row Wine 1999 J Beat Poetry (2 CDs)
Anne Waldman Hymn 1999 J Beat Poetry (2 CDs)
Anne Waldman Pome on Doctor Sax 1999 J Beat Poetry (2 CDs)
David Alpher Tribute to Kerouac 1999 J American Reflections
Josh Lamkin Kerouac’s Advice 1999 J UNCA Music Biz
Gregory Wiest et al Chorus 172 (from Mexico City Blues) 1999 J Beat
Frank Muller reading On the Road (unabridged) 1999 J&N On the Road (10 CDs or 8 cassettes)
Alexander Adams reading On the Road (unabridged) 1999 J&N On the Road (9 CDs or 8 cassettes)
Blue Room Jack Kerouac 1999 J Into the Night
Guy Forsyth Children of Jack 1999 J Can You Live Without
Root 88 Jack Kerouac 1999 J Root 88
Jonathan Marosz reading The Dharma Bums (unabridged) 2000 J&N The Dharma Bums (5 cassettes)
Grover Gardner reading Orpheus Emerged (unabridged) 2000 J Orpheus Emerged (3 CDs)
Kevn Kinney Kerouac 2000 J The Flower & the Knife
Kurt Elling The Rent Party 2000 J Live in Chicago
Leona Naess Charm Attack 2000 J (?) Comatised
Umka Kerouac (Treplo) 2000 J Dandelion Cinema
Brian Hassett All of Us / Hearing Shearing  (including On the Road extract) 2000 J (live at CBGB's, NYC, April 12)
Guy Clark Cold Dog Soup (live) 2000 J (Austin City Limits performance)
The Mighty Manatees with David Amram Smokin' Charlie's Saxophone 2000 J&N (live at Bitter End, NYC, April 22)
Ralph Goodbye Jack. Kerouac 2000 J This Is for the Night People
Ralph Pull My Daisy 2000 J This Is for the Night People
Cosmic Rough Riders Ungrateful 2000 J Deliverance
Matt Dillon reading On the Road (unabridged) 2000 J&N On the Road (10 CDs)
Barenaked Ladies Car Seat 2000 J Maroon
Phased 4°F Jack-Off All Trades 2000 J Painfield (10" ep)
Allan Taylor Kerouac's Dream 2000 J Colour To The Moon
The Spanish Armada Baby Fever (Kerouac mix) 2000 J Brave New Girl
Shawn Mullins North On 95 2000 J Beneath The Velvet Sun
Bell X1 Beautiful Madness 2000 J&N Neither Am I
Flanagan Ingham Quartet Textile Lunch on Moody St. (suite - 4 tracks) 2000 J Textile Lunch
Gretchen Peters Souvenirs 2000 J Gretchen Peters
David Amram et al various 2001 J&N Spirit: A Tribute to Jack Kerouac
Graham Cournoyer One For Jack 2001 J One For Jack
Anne Waldman Jack Kerouac Dream 2001 J Alchemical Elegy
John Gorka Oh Abraham 2001 J The Company You Keep
Michael Ubaldini Old Angel Midnight (Song to Kerouac) 2001 J American Blood
Tony Imbo Streaking The Days Asunder (remix) 2001 J Reinventing Man
Don Michael Sampson Come On Jack 2001 J Black Flower
Zwan Freedom Ain’t What It Used To Be 2001 J Honestly (CD single)
Ron Whitehead Psychic Supper 2001 J Hozomeen Jam (EP)
Railroad Earth Railroad Earth 2001 J The Black Bear Session
Tuba Stockholm Dea Moriarty 2001 N I Feel American
Robin Clifford The Cat With The Irrational Brick 2001 J Diggin' The New Breed
Migala Kerouac 2002 J Diciembre, 3 a.m.
Dale Morningstar 2000 Kerouac Girl 2002 J I Grew Up On Sodom Road
John Hasbrouck Kerouac Alone in Des Moines 2002 J Ice Cream
Curse, with David Amram & Marc Ribot Pull My Daisy 2002 J Pull My Daisy / Graveyard Shuffle (single)
Valerie Lagrange Kerouac 2002 J Fleuve Congo
Our Lady Peace All For You 2002 J Gravity
David McMillin The Legend of Jack Kerouac 2002 J Where I Belong
Spitznagel Kerouac’s Treehouse 2002 J Under the Plane
Kenn Kweder Jack Kerouac 2002 J Kwederology Vol.1
Kenn Kweder Cassady’s Bible 2002 N Kwederology Vol.1
Chris Keup Close Your Eyes Maggie Cassidy 2002 J The Subject of Some Regret
BAP Schluss, Aus, OK! 2002 J Schluss, Aus, Okay (CD single)
Goodman County Kerouac Sings the Blues 2002 J Pictures from a Moving Vehicle
Richard Meltzer, et al Kerouac Never Drove, So He Never Drove Alone 2002 J The Tropic of Nipples
Atika Kaip Keruakas kelyje 2002 J Karve ir kosmonautai
Robert Creeley, et al Doctor Sax and the Great World Snake (Kerouac’s screenplay) 2003 J Doctor Sax and the Great World Snake (2 CDs)
Ramblin' Jack Elliott 912 Greens 2003 J Live At Tales From The Tavern
Eric Andersen Beat Avenue 2003 J Beat Avenue
Allan Taylor The Beat Hotel 2003 J Hotels and Dreamers
Spitalfield I Loved The Way She Said L.A. 2003 J Remember Right Now
Steve Lacy Wave Lover (from Lucien Midnight) 2003 J The Beat Suite
Steve Lacy Jack's Blues 2003 J The Beat Suite
Alfred Howard Kerouac Incarnate 2003 J 14 Days of the Universe in Incandescent Bloom
Jack Shea, JD Caioulet, & J Sanderson On The Road 2003 J Who Owns Jack Kerouac? (movie soundtrack)
Jack Shea, JD Caioulet, & J Sanderson Jack Reaches God 2003 J Who Owns Jack Kerouac? (movie soundtrack)
Ron Whitehead & David Amram To Dream In Kerouac’s Playground 2003 J Kentucky Blues
Ron Whitehead & David Amram Amram’s Kentucky Rap 2003 J Kentucky Blues
Julie Geller The American Night (Kerouac's Song) 2003 J This Road
Mars Arizona Railroad Song 2003 J Love Songs from the Apocalypse
Reckless Kelly Desolation Angels 2003 J Under the Table & Above the Sun
Dayna Kurtz Just Like Jack 2003 J Postcards From Downtown
Rusted Root Jack Kerouac 2004 J Rusted Root Live
Seedy Gonzales Kerouac & Burroughs 2004 J Seedy Gonzales
Walter T. Ryan Burnin’ (Like a Kerouac Coyote) 2004 J Underdog American Music
Max Joshua Klaooerman In Spiteful Dedication Jack Kerouac 2004 J This Side of Everywhere: Poet’s Monday
Mark Boucot Cassady’s Ashes 2004 N Mark Boucot
Mark Boucot Beatific Nights 2004 J Mark Boucot
Manual & Syntaks Sal Paradise 2004 J Golden Sun
Kevn Kinney Epilogue Epitaph In A Minor 2004 J Sun Tangled Angel Revival
Erin Jordan Road to Eureka 2004 J Land of Milk and Honey
Styrofoam (feat. Ben Gibbard) Couches in Alleys 2004 J Nothing's Lost
The Go-Betweens The House That Jack Kerouac Built 2004 J Live in London
Garagecow Ensemble I Never Slept With Allen Ginsberg 2004 J Saint Stephen's Dream
Matt Merten Jack Kerouac 2004 J Matt Merten
Manual & Syntaks Sal Paradise 2004 J Golden Sun
Tom Russell Border Lights 2005 J Hotwalker: Charles Bukowski & A Ballad For Gone America
Tom Russell Harry Partch, Jack Kerouac, Lenny Bruce 2005 J Hotwalker: Charles Bukowski & A Ballad For Gone America
Bap Kennedy Rock and Roll Heaven 2005 J&N The Big Picture
Bap Kennedy Moriarty’s Blues [with voice of Carolyn Cassady] 2005 J&N The Big Picture
Rock N Roll Monkey & the Robots Toss it Back Like Kerouac 2005 J Detroit Trauma
Ron Whitehead Searching For David Amram 2005 J Closing Time
Ron Whitehead Allen Ginsberg: The Bridge, Parts 2 & 3 2005 J Closing Time
Ron Whitehead From Hank Williams’ Grave 2005 J&N Closing Time
Ron Whitehead Calling The Toads 2005 J Closing Time
Jimmy LaFave Bohemian Cowboy Blues 2005 J Blue Nightfall
Laura Ranieri Like Kerouac 2005 J Southbound
Sage Francis Escape Artist 2005 J A Healthy Distrust
The Clients Dharma Bum 2005 J Straycat
The Green Revolution Jack Kerouac Was A Filthy Liar 2005 J As Far As Twenty Pesos Can Go
Denny Brown Kerouac "On the Road" 2006 J&N No Middle Ground
Haiku various tracks with a selection from Kerouac's haiku 2006 J The Kerouac Project
Jeff Root Kerouac King Kong 2006 J Kerouac King Kong
Jim Dickinson Maggie Cassidy 2006 J Fishing with Charlie and Other Selected Readings
Jonathan Byerley I Got Over Kerouac 2006 J Hymns and Fragments
Mads Oustal På kjøret (= On the Road in Norwegian) 2006 J&N På kjøret (10 CDs)
Milagro Saints Kerouac 2006 J Let It Rain
Orko Hello Dean Moriarty 2006 N Creating Short Fiction
The Daisy Cutters Second Hand Kerouac 2006 J Lines and Sinkers (The E.P. Years)
The Hold Steady Stuck Between Stations 2006 J Boys and Girls in America
Tom Waits Home I'll Never Be 2006 J Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards
Tom Waits On the Road 2006 J Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards
Top Models Kerouac 2006 J To the Maximum
Mike Macharyas Jack Kerouac 2006 J Mary J. Blige
Ronnie Elliott Jack's St. Pete Blues 2006 J Tales Of Drink And Debauchery
Beekler Dean Moriarty 2007 N In Layman's Terms
Jocelyn Arem Kerouac 2007 J What the Mirror Said
Mark Handley & The Bone Idols Jack Kerouak AKA Anywhere But Here 2007 J The Land of Song
Michael Hansonis Unterwegs (= On the Road in German, abridged) 2007 J&N Unterwegs (6 CDs)
Mudvayne On the Move 2007 J By the People, for the People
Steven Light & the Black Sand Cassady 2007 N Sweet Transmission
The Weather Underground Neal Cassady 2007 N Psalms & Shanties
Will Patton On the Road 2007 J&N On the Road (9 CDs)
Tim Minchin Inflatable You 2007 J So Live (DVD)
Robert Creeley Jack's Blues 2007 J Really!!
The Brian Wilson Shock Treatment Jack Kerouac, I Don't Know You 2007 J The Hammer Of The Metal Gods
Jacob Johnson Me And Jack Kerouac 2007 J Est. 1986
Joe Cassady & the West End Sound Jack Kerouac 2007 J What's Your Sign?
Buck 65 The Beatific 2007 J Situation
  On the Road (Penguin Readers simplified text) 2008 J&N On the Road (Penguin Readers audio CD)
BAP Wat für e' Booch 2008 J&N Radio Pandora (plugged)
Blackwater Tribe Jack Realized Beat 2008 J Blackwater Runs Deep
Clifton Roy & Folkstringer Kerouac's Folksong 2008 J Where the Rock Meets the Rail
Danny Campbell Wake Up - A Life of the Buddha 2008 J Wake Up: A Life of the Buddha (5CDs)
David Anderson Recollections of Neal Cassady 2008 N&J Layover in Reno
Five Iron Frenzy (live) Superpowers 2008 J Proof That the Youth are Revolting
Individual Kerouac 2008 J Fantastic Smile
John Ventimiglia On the Road - The Original Scroll 2008 J&N On the Road (10 CDs)
Joy Askew Kerouac 2008 J The Pirate of Eel Pie
Ray Porter And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks 2008 J And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks (4 CDs)
Steve Allee Sextet Kerouac (instrumental) 2008 J New York in the Fifties (soundtrack)
Swallows Kerouac 2008 J Songs for Strippers (and other professions)
The Areola Treat Kerouac 2008 J The Areola Treat
The Five Corners Quintet, feat. Mark Murphy Kerouac Days in Montana 2008 J Hot Corner
The Maple State Starts with Dean Moriarty 2008 N Say Scientists
Tim Young Band Kerouac 2008 J The Cost
Van Bluus (vcl. Horst Spandler) White Boy Blue 2008 J White Boy Blue
William S. Burroughs Speaking of Jack Kerouac / various readings 2008 J A Spoken Breakdown
Yer Cronies Kerouac 2008 J When I Grow Up
Josh Young Run Away With Me 2008 J Josh Young
Roy Zimmerman I Approve This Message 2008 J Thanks For The Support
S.D. Ineson Jack Kerouac 2008 J Far Wanderer
Skin On Glass Sal Paradise 2008 J Skin On Glass
Roger Holzheimer Ghost Of Kerouac 2008 J Rough Hewn Heart
Mark Farina & The Jazzual Suspects This Beat 2008 J Mushroom Jazz Six
Jolie Holland Mexico City 2008 J The Living And The Dead
Dan Mangan Kerouac Spelled Wrong 2008 J Nice, Nice, Very Nice
BAP Unterwegs/Blue in Green 2009 J&N Live und in Farbe
BAP Wat für e' Booch 2009 J&N Live und in Farbe
Chris Hickey Kerouac 2009 J&N Razzmatazz
Frank Turner Poetry of the Deed 2009 J Poetry of the Deed
Jay Farrar & Benjamin Gibbard various tracks /soundtrack 2009 J One Fast Move Or I'm Gone: Music From Kerouac's Big Sur
Tereu Tereu Neal Cassady 2009 N All That Keeps Us Together
The Low Anthem Home I'll Never Be 2009 J Oh My God, Charlie Darwin
Wreak Havoc Kerouac's Ghost 2009 J Abandon Everything
Chuck Perrin It Ain't Over Yet (For Jack Kerouac) 2009 J Beat.itude - the Holy Barbarians
Bob Martin Jack Kerouac 2009 J Live At The Bull Run
Bob Martin Stella Kerouac 2009 J Live At The Bull Run
Admiral Freebee Alibies 2009 J&N Admiral Freebee
The Rub-Touch Propellor Jack Kerouac 2009 J I Don't Wanna Suffer, Man
R.B. Morris Spy In My Brain 2010 J&N Spies Lies and Burning Eyes
R.B. Morris Father Fisheye 2010 J Spies Lies and Burning Eyes
Felix Goeser / Florian von Manteuffel Und die Nilpferde kochten in ihren Becken (Hippos) 2010 J Und die Nilpferde kochten in ihren Becken (4CDs)
Billy Koumantzelis various narrations 2010 J On the Lowell Beat: My Time With Jack Kerouac
The 757s Kerouac 2010 J Last Laugh
Papa Razzi & the Photogs Jack Kerouac Celebrated a Group of Irresponsible Dudes 2010 J Songs About Great Literary Giants
Brooke Fraser Jack Kerouac 2010 J Flags
Thieves and Villains Song For Dean Moriarty 2010 N South America
Andrew McConathy Dean Moriarty's Blues 2010 N Light of the Eye
Vera, The Ghost Kerouac 2010 J Memories Like Photographs
Jamnesia2 Cassady & Kerouac 2010 J&N Three Seconds Of Silence
Nick Blaemire Run Away With Me 2010 J The Unauthorized Autobiography Of Samantha Brown
Florian Soyka Run Away With Me 2010 J Showbühne Live
The Killer B's Jack Kerouac Kinda Day 2010 J Love Is A Cadillac, Death Is A Ford
Frank Hammond Quartet For Jack Kerouac 2010 J 142nd Street
B. Willie Dryden Jack Kerouac 2010 J Carolina Prophet
Chris Kennedy Looking For The Lincoln Highway 2010 J Postcards From Main Street
Bill Mallonee Various tracks "inspired by the writings of Jack Kerouac" 2011 J Hearts Crossing The Center Line
Michael Arden Run Away With Me 2011 J My First Mistake
Crow Song Dean Moriarty 2011 N Junebugs And Journeymen
Mort Weiss & Peter Marx Readings of Kerouac 2011 J Mort Weiss Meets Bill Cunliffe
The Indescriptibles Kerouac's Road 2011 J Never 2 Late
Keith Price Quintet Theme for Kerouac (A Poet Hops a Midnight Freight) 2011 J Gaia/Goya
Red Cortez Neal Cassady 2011 N EP Two
Admiral Freebee Old Angel Midnight 2011 J Wreck Collection: The Singles
Doron Braunshtein Jack Kerouac 2011 J The Obsessive Poet
Astronauta Pinguim Manana, Jack, Manana (To Jack Kerouac) 2011 J Zeitgeist/Propaganda
TiRon & Ayomari Jack Kerouac 2011 J A Sucker For Pumps
The Keith Price Trio/ Quintet Theme For Sal Paradise 2011 J Gala/ Goya
Bocephus King Cowboy Neal 2011 N Willie Dixon God Damn!
Tomasz Pawlicki & Artur Mackowiak The Town & the City, Visions of Cody + 7 other Kerouac titles 2011 J The Duluoz Legend
Alanna Eileen Cassady and Kerouac 2012 J&N (single)
C.P. Carrington Phantom Thumb 2012 J The Valley
C.P. Carrington Neal Cassady, Parts 1 & 2 2012 N The Valley
C.P. Carrington Counting Tracks 2012 N The Valley
Spielgusher Kerouac 2012 J Spielgusher
Gustavo Santaolalla, et al various soundtrack music 2012 J&N On the Road: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Get Dead Kerouac's Teeth 2012 J Tall Cans And Loose Ends
John Ellis Jack Kerouac's Blues 2012 J Rural
Paul Webb & Sloane Spellman D'aujourd'hui Kerouac 2012 J Paz & Sloaney: The One & Only
Tamara Colonna Hey Jack Kerouac 2012 J Born To Ride
Diversion Tactics Kerouac 2012 J The Boot Vinyl Archives
The Crookes Sal Paradise 2012 J Hold Fast
Ray Porter reading The Sea is My Brother (unabridged) 2012 J The Sea is My Brother (MP3 CD)
Sean Taylor Cassady 2012 N Love Against Death
Treatment Bound Kerouac's Ghost 2012 J Another Round
Eric Miller The Ghost Of Jack Kerouac 2012 J City Lights
Fervid Kerouac 2012 J Little Massacre
Jeremy Siskind What Is That Feeling? (For Jack Kerouac) 2012 J Finger-Songwriter
The Pocket Gods I'm Not Jack Kerouac 2012 J Psychedelic Moonswamp, Vol.1
The Lord High Fixers Sal Paradise Delegation 2012 J Group Improvisation ... That's Music
Martin Schmiddi Schmidt & Olaf Rupp Sal Paradise 2012 J Three Sides Of A Coin #1
Martin Schmiddi Schmidt & Olaf Rupp Dean Moriarty 2012 N Three Sides Of A Coin #1
Graham Parker & the Rumour Last Bookstore in Town 2012 J Three Chords Good
Dan Stevens Kerouac's Dream 2012 J My Life Of Adventure
Brent David Foster Ghost Of Jack Kerouac 2013 J 23
Wolf Cub Kerouac 2013 J Love High
Hannes Wader Kerouac's Dream 2013 J Old Friends in Concert (with Allan Taylor)
Rod Stewart Brighton Beach 2013 J Time
Tim Grimm King Of The Folksingers 2013 J The Turning Point
Roger Alan Wade Fighting For The Sweetness 2013 J Scenic City Roots (live)
various artists various songs and readings 2013 J Esperanza: Songs From Jack Kerouac's Tristessa
Tony Adams Jack Kerouac, Jack! 2013 J Miles Of Blu
Kerry Kearney Jack Kerouac ('Bout Time We Get Away) 2013 J Got Wood? The Acoustic Collection
Estricalla Sal Paradise Eta Dean Moriartyren 17 2013 J&N Triple Asalto Mortal
Bromas Sal Paradise (fideo) 2013 J Byr Dymor
Steve Dalachinsky & Dave Liebman The Leaves Are Changing (for Jack Kerouac) 2014 J The Fallout Of Dreams
Morrissey Neal Cassady Drops Dead 2014 N World Peace Is None Of Your Business
Gary Calamar She's So Mid-Century 2014 J You Are What You Listen To (EP)
ERRI Jack Kerouac 2014 J I Passi
Island Wren Jack Kerouac 2014 J Fountain (EP)
Emma Minturn Neal Cassady Man 2014 N Emma Minturn
Michael Bowman Ghost Of Neal Cassady 2014 N Lyin', Cheatin', Stealin'
Papa Razzi & the Photogs Sal Paradise Needs To Get A Job 2014 J Famous Fictional People
Papa Razzi & the Photogs Dean Moriarty Is A Deadbeat Loser 2014 N Famous Fictional People
Mexiko Dean Moriarty 2014 N A Punk Rock Symphony in D Major
Rina Mushonga Dean Moriarty 2014 N The Wild, The Wilderness
Elliott Murphy The Ballad Of Sal Paradise 2014 J Affairs
Lack Of Afro (Adam Gibbons) On The Road 2014 J Music For Adverts
The Waterboys Long Strange Golden Road 2015 J Modern Blues
Nadine Shah Fool 2015 J Fast Food
Tommy Castro and the Painkillers Ride 2015 J Method To My Madness
Captain Gravitone & the String Theory Orchestra One Fast Move ... Or I'm Gone 2015 J A Real Fine Day (When The Circus Comes To Town)
John McCullagh & The Escorts Sal Paradise 2015 J New Born Cry
Babx Jack Kerouac 2015 J Cristal Automatique 1
The Earthmen The House That Jack Kerouac Built 2016 J College Heart
The Kevin Hall Fan Club You're Damn Right, Jack Kerouac 2016 J A Race To The Starting Line
Landlines A Shred Of Dean Moriarty Kinship 2016 N Logical Fallacies
Van Morrison In Tiburon 2016 J&N Keep Me Singing
Luthi Kerouac 2016 J Home Again (EP)
Jesu & Sun Kil Moon Twenty Something 2017 J&N 30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth
Thomas Oboe Lee (five pieces) 2017 J Jack And The Blues (1997)
Thomas Oboe Lee Jack's Blues 2017 J Seven Short Poems By Robert Creeley (2016)
Klaus Brandl Boys On The Square 2017 J Diamonds From Dust
Toffobean God Is Pooh Bear 2017 J&N (single)
Head Hive Jack Kerouac Kinda Day 2018 J Love Is A Cadillac, Death Is A Ford
Mount Eerie Distortion 2018 J Now Only
Saves The Day Kerouac & Cassady 2018 J&N 9
Eve Libertine Sea 2019 J Sea
Tom Russell October In The Railroad Earth 2019 J October In The Railroad Earth
Harpo The New York Ballad 2019 J (single)
Old Dominion I'll Roll 2019 J Old Dominion
Pearl Jam Quick Escape 2020 J Gigaton
Bob Dylan Key West (Philosopher Pirate) 2020 J Rough And Rowdy Ways
MindFree Sky Blue 2021 J&N MindFree
Morrissey Kerouac's Crack 2021 J Bonfire of Teenagers
Kurt Elling & Charlie Hunter Dharma Bums 2021 J&N SuperBlue
Mathilde Côté & Ivan Bielinski Six readings from Kerouac's work 2022 J La nuit est ma femme (Un opéra)
Patrick Wise & Jessika Mae Seven Kerouac-inspired songs + one instrumental 2022 J&N Kerouac Lives!
Combat Beach The First Ten Pages of Kerouac's Subterraneans 2023 J Effortlessly Cool
Vinny Peculiar Death of the Counterculture 2023 J How I Learned to Love the Freaks


Thanks to Steven Abelair, Ralph Alfonzo, Dan Barth, Adrien Begrand, Frank Bor, Tyler Bremner, Jonathan Collins, Heath Common, Richard Cooper, Rick Dale, Diane De Rooy,
Muzza Deano. Johan Deruyck, Neil Douglas, Mike Flynn, Evad Fromme, Patrick Geary, Giorgio Gelmini, Brian Hassett, Tbonesteak Leebo, John Low, Richard Marsh, Tony Marshall,
Douglas McAuley, Ron McGregor, Chris Moore, Frances Moore, Dave Olson, Michael Powell, Joseph Price, Stephen Ronan, Horst Spandler, Jeff Taylor, Frank Tempone, Matt Theado, Simon Warner, and Tomi Tapio Ylikangas.


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